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Taco Bell outlines a plan to start using cage-free eggs from January 2017

On November 17, 2015, Taco Bell announced plans to stop using eggs laid by caged hens. All Taco Bell restaurants will by the end of 2016 be required to use only cage-free eggs.

This announcement makes Taco Bell the first major fast-food chain to make a significant step towards sourcing cage-free eggs. Other fast-food chains including MacDonalds and Panera have announced plans to adopt use of cage-free eggs and products raised with minimal use of antibiotics. However, Taco Bell’s 2016 commitment comes way earlier than what the other players had announced.

Taco Bell CEO, Brian Niccol said that the fast-paced changes are good for the business as they underscore the company’s commitment to listen and respond to customer concerns. In the recent past, Taco Bell has been under great pressure from customers and lobby groups to consider issues such as animal rights and customer health in its supply chain.

Taco Bell also announced plans to remove artificial flavors, palm oil and added trans-fat from its menu items within the first quarter of 2016.